Knitted Shirt In Korean Style

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Knitted Shirt In Korean Style is the premier site when it comes to buying men's and women's fashion apparel from casual clothes, to athletic wear and formal wear. With spring setting in, and warmer weather on the way, it is time to put away the winter coats and get ready to catch some sun. However, making the transition can be tricky because you have to balance between lighter clothes and warmer clothes but with the wide range of clothes from THYLifestyle, we make it easy to achieve your perfect style.


A knitted shirt (A8607) for ladies is the perfect top to be paired with any outfit. It is good for the transitioning weather as it can be worn during both warm and cold weather. It comes in pink and blue and the elegant off the shoulder crochet design gives a bit of elegance. It has a round collar to show off jewellery and long sleeves to keep you warm. It is both soft and comfortable to wear because it is made from cotton and polyester. 


Made in Korean style, it's loose at the bottom meaning it can cover up any unwanted lumps and fits around baggy jeans or shorts. It is also unique due to its shoulder design which is a crochet design on one side and an off-shoulder strap on the other. The long sleeves also ensure warmth and can be rolled up when the weather heats up. The round collar lets you show off elaborate necklaces and chains. 


It is soft and comfortable to wear, but it only comes in one size. 


Knitted clothing offers many advantages from being soft to extremely elastic and is used often in women's fashion wear. Even if you are caught in an unexpected shower, this knitted shirt will keep you warmer than any other fabric due to its ability to absorb water and hold air. The ability for knit-wear to stretch also makes the perfect type of shirt which can fit any type of figure. It is machine washable and does not stain easily so is sure to stay new for a long period of time. It also does not wrinkle easily and maintains its shape. 


Made from a mix of cotton and polyester, this top is of a high quality and is also breathable. Blending cotton and polyester gives the best final product which is durable with a smooth finish. Pure cotton wrinkles easily and looses shape and color when washed vigorously but when mixed with polyester, it is able to keep its shape and color. Pure polyester is also not the best material for clothing as it sticks to your body and and does not allow air to pass through it. It is however resistant to wear and tear so it extends the lifetime of cotton. 


The lace design on the shoulder is unique and gives the top a flash of elegance and class. With a floral crochet pattern, this shirt is eye catching and extremely fashionable. The colors are muted and not too bright so will match well with any skin tone and are perfect for the more mature customer. 


This top can be matched with many different outfits. For a casual look, wear it with light colored jeans to offset the soft blue or pink. If it's a bit chilly, a button down sweater can be worn on top either in black, white or navy blue. Avoid bright colors however as they will clash with the light hue of the shirt. It can also be worn with shorts for a hot day and even three-quarter pants. For a more formal look appropriate for the office, put on a blazer or a light coat, paired with smart pants. It also matches well with an A-line skirt perfect for any business meeting. For the younger customer, it can be paired with tights preferably in a dark color which is good for warmer days. The slightly baggy design hides any flaws or bumps and can even be worn if your pregnant as it is not too tight. 


All in all, this unique knitted shirt (A8607) is one of a kind that will match different personalities and moods perfectly.


Women Lace Crochet Off-Shoulder O-Neck Long Sleeve Solid Color Knitted Shirt

Women Lace Crochet Off-Shoulder O-Neck Long Sleeve Solid Color Knitted Shirt

Women Lace Crochet Off-Shoulder O-Neck Long Sleeve Solid Color Knitted Shirt

Women Lace Crochet Off-Shoulder O-Neck Long Sleeve Solid Color Knitted Shirt

Women Lace Crochet Off-Shoulder O-Neck Long Sleeve Solid Color Knitted Shirt

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