Men's Vogue Slim Fit Shirt

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Men Vogue Slim Fit Shirt

Slim fit shirts are the new trend in men’s dress shirts, if you haven’t yet gotten a few in your wardrobe, it is about time you fill your wardrobe with these sleek looking apparel that will have you looking smart and hip because it is no longer cool to be wearing shirts with extra material hanging all over the place. 


You need to have a shirt that flatters your body especially if you have a well toned body. But it is no guarantee that going out and buying just any slim fit shirt will do the trick. There are a few tips you need to take and even for you who already has slim fit shirts, you will want to ensure that you have the right fit so please read on.


First of all if your girlfriend or mum is not in the fashion know, do not listen to what they tell you about slim fit shirts unless it is along these lines:


Your shoulders MUST be aligned with the shoulder seam: this is very important, the seam between the sleeves and the shoulder needs to be in line with the top of your shoulders. Many men fashion have the seam overlapping the top of the shoulders so that it is seated on the arm. That is a no-no men fashion. 


Follow the 2 finger collar rule: The collar size tends to be a big issue as many men think the collar should be tight so you find them almost strangling themselves. Measurement for this is usually between 14 and 18 inches which is the space between the button and the button hole when the collar is lying flat. To find the perfect collar size you follow the two finger rule which states that when the collar is buttoned up, there should be enough space for two fingers. More than that would be too loose and less than that will be strangling you. Although if you will not be wearing any ties, then too tight may not be a big issue.


Shirt should hug your chest: this is best if work out and have a well defined chest. The slim fit shirt should comfortably sit on your chest and then hug it on the sides near the armpits and across your upper arms but still allow for easy motion of your arms and shoulders so that there is no threat of it tearing as you move. It is fluttering if your chest seems to be creating a bit of tension on the buttons but not too much that the buttons may pop even when you are just standing with your hands down. The outline of your chest should be visible but not too much.


Armhole: The armhole is where very many men get it wrong. It usually is too big or too small. Although it should not hug your arms, there should not be a lot of material hanging under your armpits. You just need enough space to raise your arms or swing them round without tearing the shirt. When trying on a shirt in the shop, be sure to try raising your arms but don’t overdo it if the shirt feels too tight as you may end up paying for a torn shirt. 


Clear contour on the waist: when you tuck in the shirt it should taper from the chest down to the waist lightly touching your body and then disappear into the trouser without leaving slack but taper at the waist.


Let the arms fill the sleeves: Just like the chest, your arms need to create slight tension on the sleeves of the shirt especially around the biceps and then flow along the contours of the arm before touching the base of the thumb for a tight buttoning. Excess fabric on the sleeves is unflattering but too tight also will just make you look like you borrowed your younger brother’s shirt. So stick to a tapered fit.


Watch the hem of the shirt: A slim fit dress shirt for men can be worn tucked or untucked. It is important to get the length right for both. The best way to find the right length is to check when it is untucked, see that the hem of the shirt falls slightly past your back pocket…if you are wearing your jeans low, you may want to pull them up first before you take that measurement. Then when the shirt is tucked in, raise your arms above your head, if the tail of the shirt comes out, then it is too short and you will not look good in men fashion.


So there now you know how to look sleek in your slim fit long sleeve dress shirt for men now go on and get yourself a few men fashion. 


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